Valmet ha un proprio impianto di recupero e trattamento dei metalli preziosi situato alle porte di Firenze realizzato con le più avanzate tecnologie rigorosamente nel rispetto dell’ambiente e delle normative di legge.
E' dotata di macchinari capaci di soddisfare dalle piccole esigenze di artigiani e piccoli laboratori fino a quelle di aziende con maggior quantitativi da trattare. Dispone di 2 forni per le fusioni, 3 forni per la bruciatura (tutti sigillabili a richiesta del cliente), 2 macine e 2 miscelatori di diverse capacità e dimensioni.


The following operations are carried out in the plant: incineration, ash treatment, smelting and recasting of rods, and refining. Customers are invited to watch and participate in all the transformation operations; all the materials processed remain the property of the customer until liquidation of the same, which generally takes place within the space of from 3 to 7 days after delivery/receipt of the materials to be recovered (the time differs depending on the type of material and the quantities to be processed).
At the end of the process a report is drawn up with detailed indications of all the steps of the various operations carried out, and if requested by the customer, a liquidation proposal for repurchase of the recovered precious metals.


Thanks to the technology and experience accrued over 15 years of refining, we are able to carry out the recovery of gold, silver, pewter, palladium and rhodium from the goldsmith, silversmith, electronic, decorated wood and ceramics, dentistry, galvanic, and biomedical sectors as well as from used batteries containing silver oxide.


The assays for verifying the titres during the process are conducted by means of a double check, one in our laboratory and a counter-assay in an independent laboratory as a protection and guarantee of the results obtained for our customers.

Additional services

The materials are all insured for the transport carried out by our personnel and storage on site; from pickup until the time of liquidation.
All customers are offered a pickup and redelivery service to and from their domicile; in the event of availing of a Valmet forwarder, CIT operators specialised in the management of precious materials will be used and each shipment made will be covered by our insurance policy.