Precious metals

Metal Bank

Valmet markets the following precious metals:
  • Gold (Au) with a nominal titre of 999.9 in sheets
  • Silver (Ag) with a nominal titre of 999.0 in grains
  • Platinum (Pt) with a nominal titre of 999.5 in sheets
  • Palladium (Pd) with a nominal titre of 999.5 in sheets
Law 197/91, Legislative Decree 56/04 together with the decree of the Ministry of the Economy dated 03/02/2006 and UIC provision no.143 all require that operators trading in gold keep a log in for recording all the operations of their competence. It is therefore necessary at the beginning of the report to identify customers and suppliers with a business profile from the Chamber of Commerce and ID cards of the relative owner and/or legal representative.

Purchase of scrap

Valmet purchases scrap and/or process off-cuts containing precious metals plus the metal recovered, in whole or in part, from refining operations at the best market conditions.

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The Division offers the clientele anodes in twice-refined silver with a titre of 999.9 in dog-bone shapes and laminated in the standard measurements of 400 x 100 mm or 600 x 100 mm, otherwise to the customer’s specifications.

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Valmet produces and markets salts containing precious metals in various concentrations