Decorative chemistry


The products in the LuxorMet range allow for meeting various demands in terms of colour, thickness, deposition speed, and economic gold investments. These are products designed for prestigious deposits characterised by a high resistance to wear and corrosion, brilliance and uniformity without equal, for providing items with timeless beauty. The colours range from soft yellow to intense yellow in 24-karat gold.
Flash depositions
The Auroflash Nseries best meets the needs of a more creative clientele by recreating colours and shades that are otherwise unattainable. Products tested by years of production, which can all be modified in order to create unique items in line with the customer’s demands.
Low karats.
Pink and yellow 18-karat gold meet the demands of a clientele who are eager to cut costs without sacrificing quality and observance of the most restrictive European standards (Cadmium-free, neutral pH and no free cyanides).


While still being the whitest colour that can be obtained today by means of electrochemistry, silver continues to arouse interest due to its elevated brilliance. The cyanoalkaline processes contain purely organic and metalorganic additives depending on the requirements of the final user.

The cyanide-free ArgoMet CF process also enters in the range of innovative products.

Palladium and alloys

Included in our process catalogue we also have electrolytes capable of depositing pure palladium or in alloy, characterised by an extremely brilliant white or black according to requirements, with excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

Pure palladium
The electrolytic PalMet palladium-plating process is the perfect solution for treating accessories requiring the deposition of pure palladium both as the final colour and as a barrier layer. Moreover, thanks to its special properties, the process is particularly suitable for producing nickel-free materials.
Palladium Alloys
One of the main features of the PalMet NX process is the total absence of nickel or cobalt: this is an alloy with a high content of brilliant white palladium offering excellent resistance and great stripping ease.


The PlatiMet process makes it possible for the most demanding operators and innovative designers to embellish their own creations with an extremely brilliant white deposit of pure platinum with thicknesses of up to one micron. Moreover, this process stands out for its low metal content in solution and its low processing temperature.


The RhodiMet series contains electrolytes that offer excellent penetration, distribution, colour and user-friendliness. They can also be used at room temperature without compromising their brilliance or whiteness. Definitely designed for those who make quality their keynote.


The RuMet series includes both acid and alkaline electrolytes with a variable metal content with which it is possible to obtain low thickness deposits ranging from grey to deep black, not otherwise obtainable with any other electrochemical means.


These are the types of salts for the galvanic, goldsmith's and silversmith's sectors containing precious metals available at Valmet


Clearlack is a transparent, resin-based cataphoretic paint containing functional groups of "blocked" isocyanate, which after curing forms a hard, glossy, transparent coating with excellent thickness features Before being cured, the resin can also be dyed by simply dipping in Clearlack Colour without losing any of the coating characteristics of the transparent version.
It comes in a variety of different colours.
The relatively low curing temperature normally allows use of the same frames as those used during the galvanic coating step.

• Aqueous system
• No dripping
• Very smooth coatings
• Excellent penetration power
• Excellent gloss
• Very easy to use
• It can be dyed with a variety of transparent colours
• Great process reproducibility